Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! We all love this great holiday because it gives us an extra day off of work, we kick off summer with going to the lake or lying out by the pool, or better yet, we get together with friends, grill out, and cheers to the beginning of summer. What I know I don't do enough is take the time to think of why we have this holiday and how important it is to honor those who this holiday is named for. For some reason this year was different for me. I found myself paying more attention to the American flags I saw popping up all over town. By the end of the week, I passed several flags hanging from front porches or marking the entrances of neighborhoods. With each flag I passed by, I found myself becoming more proud. I love seeing the American flag! We live in such a wonderful country, and it feels so good to see men and women taking pride in the place we live and honoring the men and women who have fought to make our country as great as it is.

I have been to the Tennessee Veterans Cemetery and have taken pictures there before, but today was special. The American flags that were posted at each grave rang true to my soul because there is no better way to mark the sacrafice and honor of our veterans than the stars and stripes they loved and fought for. Memorial Day was different for me this year. I think I understand a little more why this holiday is so important. God Bless the men and women who have protected our country, who are protecting our country, and who will protect our country. Thank You!

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