Monday, April 20, 2009

North Carolina

This weekend, Michael, Scarlett, and I stayed in a cabin in the mountains of western North Carolina. As all vacations go, the time we spent there was not long enough, but we had a wonderful couple of days walking along the Cane River, hiking up Mt. Mitchell, and relaxing in the hot tub on the porch of our cabin.

The view of the Blue Ridge Mountains after a hike up Mt. Mitchell

The cute town of Burnsville where we stayed.
The farm at the beautiful place we stayed.
Scarlett's first meeting with the horses!
This is her "I'll show them whose boss" stance.
You should have heard her mean bark!

Her obsession with the horses continues as she watches them from our front porch...

The big kids try out the zipline for the little kids!

Playin' by the river

The view from my hammock
A waterfall we found along side HWY 19

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  1. Pictures are great. Looks like you had a relaxing week end. Your doing great on your photography. I'm proud of you.