Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Crazy Love

My Little Lion...

I was putting on my makeup this morning as I was listening to the Today Show. They were telling a story about two men who had raised a lion cub and then released him into the wild as he grew healthy. (If you are interested, there is a video on You Tube set to Whitney Houston's "I will Always Love You," which tells of the very touching relationship between these two men and the cub. It will make you cry!) After the cub was released, the men had the chance to visit Africa a year later to check on its progress. It is unbelievable, but the lion instantly knew who the two men were and he immediately pounced happily on the men and licked them from head to toe as if to say, "Gosh I have missed you two so much!"

I truly get teary eyed thinking about the story because it makes me think about how purely the lion loved the men. It makes me think about our dog Scarlett. She is the most loyal, loving, and forgiving animal, and she has brought so much joy into my life. I often wonder why in the world I can't love like she does or like the lion does. As a human, I honestly don't know how to fully love unconditionally. Yet, I admit that when it comes to her, I am almost able to love her without condition; however, I find it difficult to love my own husband or family members or friends in the same way I can love her. Isn't that crazy?

I know he would agree that his own love is somewhat of the same. For instance, he arrived home last night from a 4 day trip to Washington D.C. I knew he was excited to see me, and he lovingly gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, but I didn't get the hello Scarlett received. He grinned from ear to ear when she jumped out of the car, and he picked her up and couldn't stop telling her how much he missed her. I am reasonable enough to know that he loves me more, but why don't we as husband and wife or as human beings show each other the same love that we show animals? Instead, most of us are constantly fighting with one another or gossiping about the other.

I think there is a lot we could learn from animals. Scarlett teaches me to be more patient every day. She is happy sitting in a crate for 8 hours, so why should I complain when I have a job, a great husband, a loving family, and a great life? Maybe I should wag my tail more often!

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